Double Your Money
every 12 months

With more than 20 years business experience and 12 years as a registered financial adviser, consulting with affluent clients,

Wick van Schalkwyk will share with you, one on one, how you can double your money every twelve months.
(Financial institutions wh0 are saying it is too good to be true are doing it)

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Your own personal strategy that gives you the opportunity to increase the value of your portfolio, no matter how big.

Firstly, I enable you to start investing with as little as R500 or as much as R5mil, completely on your own time and within your own investment accounts. I only charge a once off consulting fee for the most unique financial advice you will ever get from an independent financial consultant.

One of the most valuable days of your life.

I teach you when, how and where to invest. How to manage your risk. Most importantly, how not to invest.

Thirdly, I teach you how you can double you money in your current business.

On the last note, I will teach you, step by step, how you can double your invested money every twelve months.

I will show you how banks take your money and increase it with up to 20% each month.

660% Growth - Cell C

Just recently a South African telecoms company made a 660% growth in earnings. Impossible is only limited by people who live in boxes and those who want to keep you in those boxes while using your money to enrich themselves.

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Shape your future growth by combining action and knowledge.