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return expectations. 

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Solid Investment Returns

Over the past 7 years this Mauritius fund has performed over 40% p.a. Do you think you can buy more time for yourself?.

Double your money every
12 - 24 months

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In our news pages we give a few simple steps to achieve high growth as an active investor, however if you would like to take a passive investment strategy and utilise our technological advantage in order to achieve high returns, you should select our niche advisors.

First: Too good to be true? Less than 150 years ago it was witchery thinking you will be driving anything other than horse and buggy. Just a few years ago it was futuristic to think about having a cordless phone and almost insane to think we are walking around with a computer with no buttons and more computing power than the biggest computer of the 80's. Who thought we would have self driving the air and landing rockets after space travel?

The fact is, technology has made it possible to double your money every 12 months. Many companies has increased their earnings by several hundred percent over 5 years. By leveraging technology in a global market, you can achieve the futuristic growth of our age.

If your SME earns more than R5million profits p.a. you should be consulting us or risk losing money.

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"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary."
- Jim Rohn

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